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800DP Let-Down Station & Bypass Valve


800DP Let-Down Station & Bypass Valve


Patent number: ZL201420227403.5

     One-piece desuperheating and decompression station (including bypass valve), the structure type is divided into straight-through and angle type, built-in Venturi steam auxiliary atomizing nozzle, can also be combined with annular spring back pressure nozzle or integrated multi-nozzle desuperheater. The decompression part adopts high temperature resistant and high strength alloy material, labyrinth sleeve or multi-stage sleeve decompression structure, which can effectively control the steam flow rate and noise, and prevent the valve trim from being damaged by erosion. The unique pilot valve core structure has almost no flushing when the valve opens and works, and the sealing is reliable. This product is suitable for high temperature and high pressure steam occasions.



Standard Specification

Body material: WC6, WC9, A182-F11, F22, F91

Steam inlet: 3"~14"

Steam outlet: 6"~24"

Steam pressure class: ANSI 300#~2500#, BW

Desuperheating water pipe: 1"~2"

Desuperheating water pressure level: ANSI 300#~1500#

Leakage class: CLASS IV, V

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