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805DS/806DS Venturi Steam Assisted Atomization Desuperheater


805DS/806DS Venturi Steam Assisted Atomization Desuperheater


Performance Features

This is a steam assisted atomizing desuperheater, 805DS is a double venturi nozzle, 806DS is a single venturi nozzle structure. Its working principle is that the desuperheating water in the nozzle is heated and atomized by the steam inside the pipe. After the venturi nozzle is sprayed, it can be instantly absorbed by the superheated steam to achieve stable secondary steam. Regardless of the flow rate, the desuperheating water can achieve the best atomization state, and there will be no water droplets falling on the inner wall of the pipeline due to insufficient atomization during work, causing cracks and other undesirable conditions. Since the high-speed steam flow in the venturi nozzle will generate negative pressure suction, the pressure difference of the desuperheating water entering the nozzle can be very small. The desuperheater has a large adjustable ratio and a wide range of applications, and is especially suitable for working conditions where the pressure difference between desuperheating water and secondary steam is small (such as 0.35MPa). It forms an integrated (built-in) or split type desuperheating and decompression device with the decompression system.


     Usually, the desuperheater is installed horizontally, and it can also be installed vertically upward (the adjustable ratio is larger than that of horizontal installation).


Standard Specification

Nominal diameter: 3/4~2" water side, 8~48" steam pipe

Nominal pressure: ANSI150~2500lb

Nozzle material: 410/heat treatment, F22, F91, 304, 316, etc.

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