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801DS Integrated Multiple Nozzles Desuperheater


801DS  Integrated Multiple Nozzles Desuperheater 3.15


Invention patent: ZL200910183709.9


Performance Features

●Integrated structure to achieve tight closing

●Vortex type multi-nozzle arrangement and combination design, the best atomization effect

●Can control the opening of each nozzle

●Precise temperature control

●No wear, long life nozzle sleeve design

●Special hardening treatment of valve core and valve seat

●Spare parts for long-term use: valve core, valve seat

●Suitable for working conditions with large changes in steam load, precise temperature control of high temperature and high pressure boiler steam system


Standard Specification:

Nominal diameter: Inlet 1", 1.5"; Outlet: 3", 4"

Nominal pressure: ANSI 150# ~2500#

Body material: A105, A182-F11, F22, F91 etc.

Flow characteristics: Linear 

Leakage class: CLASS V

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