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300Q Quick Shut Off Butterfly Valves

300Q Quick Shut Off Butterfly Valves
summary :
300Q series quick cut butterfly valve is composed of pneumatic actuator or fast electric actuator and sealed butterfly valve body.
The product has fast opening and cutting speed, suitable for frequent and quick opening and cutting of gas pipeline, and also for other automatic control system.

Performance Features
●Adopt flange installation mode, easy to operate
●Simple structure, light weight, small volume, large diameter
●Fast opening and cutting speed
●Suitable for frequent opening and cutting of gas pipeline
●Economy, high cost performance

Standard Specification:
●Nominal diameter: 12B ~ 64B (i.e. DN300 ~ DN1600)
●Nominal pressure: ANSI 125#, ANSI 150#; JIS 2K, JIS 5K, JIS 10K; PN0.25, PN0.6, PN1.0
●Disc type: plane sealed
●Flow characteristics: on-off
●Operating temperature: -50 ~ +450℃
●Seat leakage allowance: zero leakage



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