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100R Corrosion-resistant Control Valves

100R Corrosion-resistant Control Valves
summary :
100R is a corrosion resistant regulating valve. The inner wall of the valve body and the inner components in contact with the medium are lined with F46 anti-corrosion material. It can resist the corrosion of almost all chemical medium (including concentrated nitric acid and aqua regia). Bellows in the valve assembly to isolate the media from the outside world, has a good sealing performance.It is widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, power plant, metallurgy and other industries.

Performance Features
●Use F46 anti-corrosion material
●Resistant to almost all chemical agents (including concentrated nitric acid and aqua regia)
●Bellows components isolate the medium from the outside world, sealing performance is good
●Fluid pressure imbalance type valve core

Standard Specification:
●Nominal diameter: 3/4b ~ 8B (i.e. DN20 ~ 200)
●Nominal pressure: ANSI 150#; PN1.0, PN1.6
●Flow characteristics: linear equal percentage
●Adjustable ratio R: 50:1
●Operating temperature: -20 ~ +150℃
●Seat leakage allowance: ANSI CLASS VI or zero leakage



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