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summary :
The 100A series is divided into 101A single-seat Angle valve, 102A multi-stage step-down unbalanced Angle valve, and 103A balanced Angle valve.High pressure Angle regulating valve is suitable for high temperature and high pressure fluid regulation and cutting control, especially for slurry, polymer, crystal and other fluid control containing particulate matter impurities.

Performance Features
●Suitable for high temperature, high pressure and high pressure difference
●Suitable for slurry, polymer, crystal and other particulate impurities containing fluid control
●This valve is designed for the special development of water injection production project of dry well in China, and has been successfully applied to high-pressure well washing truck of sinopec and petrochina, and used in various oil fields. This is the only control valve used in high pressure water injection well at home and abroad.
●Since most oil Wells in China tend to be exhausted after the exploitation of crude oil, the remaining crude oil is pumped out by high-pressure water injection process. The working pressure difference of water injection is 34MPa, and the water contains a large amount of sediment, a small amount of crude oil, H2S and other corrosive substances. The working condition is extremely harsh. Previously, the imported manual globe valve was used in the process equipment, which usually has a short life. Sometimes the valve is damaged after a week of use.
●This series of valves is tailor-made for this working condition, to solve the control problem under this harsh working condition, so as to achieve automatic control of oil well production and water injection technology, and smooth decompression of high-pressure differential sewage (noise less than 60dBA), and greatly improve the service life, the life of the valve inner parts for more than 2 ~3 years. The control problem under the harsh working condition is solved.

Typical application of products
1. High-pressure well washing devices in major oil fields, harsh working conditions: the working pressure difference reaches 34MPa, the medium contains a lot of mud and sand, crude oil, H2S and other corrosive substances
2. All kinds of petrochemical high-pressure hydrogenation devices
3. High pressure boiler minimum flow circulation valve, high pressure drum blowdown valve
4. Coal chemical industry grey water, black water backflow, liquid level control, etc

Bonnet Type
①Standard single seat (-5~+230℃);
②Radiator fin type:
High temperature (+230~+565℃)
Low temperature (-45~-5℃)
③Lengthened upper bonnet for low temperature (-196~-100℃), with cold box flange
Low temperature for extended upper cover (-100~-45℃)

Standard Specification :
●Nominal diameter: 1/2b ~12B(DN15~DN300)
●Nominal pressures: ANSI 900#, 1500#, 2500#
●Body material: A105, F304, F316, F11, F22, etc
●Flow characteristics: linear, equal percentage
●Adjustable ratio R: 50:1
●Operating temperature: -196℃~+565℃
●Seat leakage allowed: ANSI CLASS IV, V



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