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100S Single Seated Control Valves


100S Single Seated Control Valve

Summary :


Single-seat control valve is a small size, simple structure but can adapt to harsh working conditions of the control valve, is the most suitable control valve for atmospheric pressure difference fluid control, a wide range of applications.


Performance Features:

●The ball valve cavity adopts the latest low flow resistance design, simple flow channel, large circulation capacity;

●Small size, light weight, simple structure, reliable performance, suitable for the control of more demanding conditions of fluid;

●Fluid pressure unbalanced valve spool structure, allowing low working pressure difference;

●Can be made: minimum flow valve CV = 0.0005.


Bonnet Type:

①Standard single seat(-5~+230℃);

②Bellows sealing type low leakage;

③Steam jacket - crystal, polymer, high viscosity fluid, etc.

④Radiator fin type:

High temperature in(+230~+565℃)


⑤Extension type low temperature (-196~-45℃), can be with cold box flange


Standard Specification:

●Nominal diameter:1/2B~8B(DN15~DN200)

●Nominal pressure:ANSI 150#、300#、600#、900#、1500#、2500#


●Body Material:WCB、WCC、CF8、CF8M、A105 Or a variety of special alloys can be customized according to customer requirements

●Flow characteristics: IEC standard percentage, IEC standard linear,On-Off

●Adjustable thanR:30:1(Cv=0.14、0.28、0.52、0.96),50:1(Cv=1.6、2.5 … …)

●Working temperature:-196~+565℃

●Seat leakage: Metal seal ANSI CLASS IV, V, Soft seal ANSI CLASS VI



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